About us

The Primaschool was founded by Xanthi Vangalati and Sabine Studer and operated since 1994 as a Foreign Language Centre and from 2015 as the Centre for Lifelong Learning Level 1.

In our Foreign Language Centre we are operating German language courses, English language courses and Greek language courses for foreigners, for all ages -from children of preschool age up to adults and professionals. At the same time, we are operating classes for bilingual children.


Nowadays the team of the Foreign Language Centre Primaschool consists of 9 associates-teachers.

Its aim is teaching of German, English and Greek with modern and effective teaching methods, so that the learners can, in the recommended time span, not only master the language, but also the culture of these countries. This aim is achieved, among others methods, through educational trips abroad that our Centre organizes.

It must be noted that, in the frame of its educational function, Primaschool pursues close collaboration with the parents of learners, so that the latter’s progress is more effectively monitored.