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Seminar:The reinforcement of the student through the relationships of school and family


On Sunday 13th of November the team of Prima school attended a 3 hour seminar titled "The reinforcement of the student through the relationships of school and family" with the speaker Mrs Eleni Livaniou- educational psychologist phd.
We found the most interesting points of the seminar regarding parents and children and we present them to you:

Every child has the ability to learn.
The children shouldn't be disappointed if they don't achieve their goal immediately. They have to understand that with the right motive and effort any child can make it.


The parents should teach their child the concept of achievement and failure.

More specifically, the child should learn:

  • To try to achieve his/her goal only for himself/herself and only because he or she wants it.
  • To insist on learning something new even if s/he fails and falls behind sometimes.
  • That the route s/he follows to achieve his/her goals is much more important than the achievement of the goal itself.
  • Not to compare himself/herself with other children. Every child has unique abilities and thus, the timing and effort needed for the achievement of a goal are different.

The parents should also reward:

  • The effort
  • The insistence
  • The hard work
  • The approach
  • The time s/he dedicated

And NOT ONLY the intelligence, the talent and the ability of their child.


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